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These lifting straps are SO COMFORTABLE

I needed new lifting straps since my old ones were getting pretty worn out. These are so much more comfortable with the padding and grip the bar a lot more with the rubber lining. Definitely worth getting if you need a set of lifting straps especially at this price.


Exactly what I expected when ordering it! Everything works perfectly and it shipped very quickly!


Extremely happy with shirts that I picked up ..
Comfortable and make me feel slim and fit with it !


Extremely happy with shirts that I picked up ..
Comfortable and make me feel slim and fit with it !

Highly Recommend This Product

Love It. Ordered my daughter one. Should arrive to her today!!!

Love this shirt!

This shirt is so soft and cute! I'm about 5'6" and it's the perfect length on me for a crop top (it sits right on my belly button). The quality of this shirt is so amazing I had to buy every single color (including every single tank!) If there were more colors, I'd definitely get those as well!

High quality shirt

Feel of the shirt is amazing. Very comfortable and awesome to workout in

So comfortable and useful

These cuffs are great! They're super comfortable and the velcro makes them adjustable for a perfect fit. They feel really well made and I'm sure they're going to last a long time

It works wonders!

Helps so much with my lower back pain! I've tried everything ever since working from home and being without my standing desk at the office, but nothing works as well as the Medik! Love it!

I am happy

My nephew had recently bought a Medik and he used it on my recently pulled shoulder. I was amazed at the power this massager had. It massages to the core of my aching muscles/tendons/ bones and it feels great. I had to have one for me and my husband. Love it, Love it, Love it!

It helps pain and improves flexibility!

Since I started exclusively working from home from the start of the pandemic, I have been away from my standing desk in the office. I started feeling a lot of pain in my back, neck, and right leg. Well, this massager helped get rid of all these pains, and it even helps my flexibility (I dance ballet, so it's perfect)! The instructional videos are informative, too, and help you learn which heads to use where! I would recommend this product to anyone with pain, looking for improvement to their flexibility, and for athletes!


It’s super quiet and powerful. I love all the different attachment options!!!

Best investment

Love the design the ergonomic handle. Perfect for on the go!

Definitely would buy again!

I bought this shirt for my girlfriend and it is one of the most comfortable shirts she owns.

This product is amazing

Packaging was super nice and the massager works fantastic! It really digs deep into my knots and has helped relieve my tight neck muscles. Highly recommend!


Love the handwritten thank you note from the owner and the medik works great. Really helps ease my neck pain which I've had for years!

Outstanding Company and Machine

Finally! a cost well worthy percussion therapy gun! I did a lot of research on these products and finally came across this company Arriste! Phenomenal customer service n follow up! Hand written thank u card from the owner! Wow! Now the gun itself is a well thought out amazing machine! Gets anywhere you need it and gets the soreness right out! I’m so stoked on this product! Best bang for your buck outdoes the rest of the competition and best of all as bonus it comes with the nicest case you have ever seen!  

Finally gave in

I've had my eye on the Medik for a while but finally pulled the trigger. I love it!! I feel like it really helps with my sore muscles after working out. I highly recommend it!

Works as good or better than hoped.

Bought it when I saw YouTuber Michelle Khare using it to relieve her sore forearm from training to be a professional gamer. What she described was happening in her forearm sounded exactly like what I was going through for about 2 months--but it was from working hours and hours using CADD not from gaming. Sure enough--within 3 or 4 uses, my forearm pain was pretty much gone. Since then, I've been using it just to maintain that pain-free forearm and also have expanded to using it on my back and shoulders here and there. Great, quality product.

Game Changer!!!

My Medik has become my new best friend! I am 45 and knots and muscle soreness has been a constant battle. I am able to massage and work them out and I am much more comfortable when relaxing and after workouts. I love that it is adjustable to reach everywhere and comes with different tips to work areas differently. I highly recommend getting one!


Love the design and the build quality is fantastic. The packaging and the storage case are premium and the gun is powerful. Love it thank you so much

Wish I knew about this sooner!

Where has this been my whole life?? The medik is a life saver. I use it after every run and my legs feel so refreshed the next day. I don't know how I'll ever be able to go without this again

Great Bands!

These are great, high-quality bands. I've been using the ones at the gym and I'm so glad I decided to get some of my own.

Awesome bands!

Much better than elastic alternatives

Awesome Top

Love how it fits and looks on me. Comfy and cute!