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Fantastic and versatile design. Would recommend

Fabric Resistance Band Set
Kathleen Leone
Great product!

Excellent quality and so comfortable.

Perfect fit

I usually wear oversized t shirts to the gym, this was my first time getting a crop top and I really liked how it fit! Looks super cute too. Definitely buying in other colors soon 😁

BFR bands

They are the best bands for BFR training outside of using the compressor.

Great so far. Much more power than other machines. Love it.


I love this crop, definitely get a larger size. I had the small one first and it did not fit. Not as stretchy as the others. The color is great material is very durable.

Best shirt ever

Very good quality and breathable! Can be worn casually or working out. Definitely buying more.


Works better than I thought it would! Highly recommend!

These are awesome!

Upon Delivery

I like the little stuff in life, good coffee, a firm handshake...I was recommended this product by a volleyball team Ramblers with the NVA. I am not an athlete, but knew one of the guys and went to “play” with his Medik...I can say there is in NO WAY this is a toy! I was immediately hooked and knew I would get one...but it is the little things.

As far as the product? I own several massage tools (full disclosure: mainly for my wife because I am lazy and hate giving massages). I, to a considerable level,do not buy cheap and approximate value to cost. For me this was an easy purchase because I was able to test the product and it far exceeded anything I had for a FOCUSED deep massage. This is easily the first product I bought for “my wife”...there is no way I could see anyone disappointed with the power and feel of the Medik.

The little things: I was already sold on the product, however what I had not expected was when my shipment was received I had a hand written letter by Steven Law thanking me for the purchase. I know it doesn’t make the product better, but it certainly makes me want to support a product that is backed by someone who appreciates my hard earned money.

I can definitively say that this is our, mine and my wife’s, go to massager for targeting specific areas that need attention. I would like to thank Vinny from Rambler also to recommending this product to me and, not sure if you will read this, but Steven Law for taking the time to write a simple “thank you” letter.

I will leave it with this: From the package it was delivered in to the quality of the product is simply top tier. I would implore anyone looking for a pin-point massager that goes DEEEEEEEP into the muscle to consider the Medik and also support a company who really seems to care about the consumer!! This is NOT an Amazon purchase!! This is a company who truly goes above and beyond.

Super cute

This crop top is just like how it is described. I love the color, the softness of the material and it just looks so great on me too. I love you that can wear this to workout and still look cute as well. I would love to wear this just for a casual day out as well. I’m glad I got all the colors in this. Can’t wait for new colors in this style.

Bodyweight Training Straps
Catherine Ipalari-Oshman

I was really excited when Arriste launched the body weight training straps. I’ve trained with TRX at Bootcamps/gyms but never had my own. It was a sign I should get these!

Put them in my garage and use them for full workouts or quick breaks in between meetings. Love having these! Thanks again!

The bra is a beautiful color, the material is sturdy, it has minimal support and good padding. It's not uncomfortable nothing rubbing in odd places either. So far it's great

Apex Cropped Hoodie
Stephanie Graves

It’s super tailored. Great details. Incredibly soft!

Unity 7/8 Leggings
Stephanie Graves

Hits on my body at the beat possible angles and feels like butter. It’s so light weight!

Unity Sports Bra
Stephanie Graves

Incredibly comfortable and beautiful design! Add as many colors as you can!

Medik Percussive Massager
Charles Taylor
Enjoy it work great

I like the product, has good power and does hit all the massage levels of my soreness.

Great leggings!

I saw one of my friends post these and I wanted to try them. I LOVED them! They really are soft and buttery! Will definitely be purchasing more

Unity Sports Bra
Alexandra Simmalavong
Most. Comfortable. Bra. Ever.

I probably wear this as often as I can wash it without wasting water. It is THAT comfortable for me. There's no super tight band, there's no struggling to put the darn thing on. It just glides on and it stays there. The fabric itself is soft against the skin. Can't say much on the support, as I'm smaller, but definitely better than most sports bras I have owned previously!

Stealth Hat
Vincent P.
New favorite hat

My new favorite hat to workout in. I love that this hat is made of 100% polyester. It’s lightweight, simple, and comfortable

Alpha Status

This hat is by far the best gym hat I have had. Needless to say, the "stealth" factor is definitely there. It is also very lightweight, comfortable, and easy to manage (ie. adjust the backstrap, put on). Couldn't ask for a better gym hat and all around day to day hat for ONLY $20...

Apex Cropped Hoodie
Dianna Nguyen
Arriste Cropped Hoodie

Much more comfortable than I imagined! The fabric is soft and feels great against my skin. I love it

lightweight and breathable shorts, love the zipper pockets

Vantage Shorts 6.5"
Johnny Doan
Vantage Shorts

I haven’t taken these shorts off yet haha! These are so versatile, I run, do HIIT classes, and sleep in them. The four way stretch is very assuring that these won’t split anytime soon. I’m so happy y’all launch these. Can’t wait for what to come!

I <3 You Travis, Keep up the Good Work :)

Dam good hoodie. great quality, tough and has a durable feel and look. makes me feel mentally and physically stronger when i wear it if im being honest, especially when I hit a nice bench press set with it on. Only con I have is the bottom part of the hoodie SLIGHTLY wrinkled up after I washed it once. BUT its no big deal, because that is to be EXPECTED from clothing. plus i can just iron it out and BOOM brand new again. I ordered a Large and it fit PERFECTLY. I was so surprised because most fitness clothing I have purchased in the past from other companies always have some problem (ie. sizing changes after ONE wash, or wears down WAY TOO QUICKLY) I'm so glad I bought this hoodie :D