"Your solution for sore muscles and stiff joints!"



The Medik is a cutting-edge tool that can help your body move and function optimally.

It works by providing rapid, targeted pulses into your muscles to relieve tension and increase bloodflow.


  • prevent injury from exercise and physical activity
  • improve flexibility and movement
  • feel less sore after exercise
  • relax and unwind after a long day

How is the Medik different?

Swivel Head & Longer Handle

Reach your entire back with ease!! Something no other massage gun can (truthfully) claim. Plus, thanks to our swivel head, get the perfect angle without wrist discomfort.

Quality & Experience

Our engineers have over 4 decades of experience in manufacturing and quality control, ensuring we deliver the best possible product at our price point.

Quiet, Powerful, & Long-Lasting

The Medik uses the latest brushless motor technology, resulting in whisper quiet operation while maintaining power and long battery life. No compromises!

The Medik retails for $349... but
You can get the Medik right now for just $249

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Curious to hear what people are saying about the Medik?

Outstanding Company and Machine

I did a lot of research on these products and finally came across this company Arriste! Phenomenal customer service n follow up! Hand written thank u card from the owner! Wow! Now the gun itself is a well thought out amazing machine! Gets anywhere you need it and gets the soreness right out! I’m so stoked on this product! Best bang for your buck outdoes the rest of the competition and best of all as bonus it comes with the nicest case you have ever seen!

- Kirsten D.
(Driggs, ID)

Game Changer!!!

My Medik has become my new best friend! I am 45 and knots and muscle soreness has been a constant battle. I am able to massage and work them out and I am much more comfortable when relaxing and after workouts. I love that it is adjustable to reach everywhere and comes with different tips to work areas differently. I highly recommend getting one!

- Daniel M.
(San Diego, CA)

Works as good or better than hoped. 

Bought it when I saw YouTuber Michelle Khare using it to relieve her sore forearm from training to be a professional gamer. What she described was happening in her forearm sounded exactly like what I was going through for about 2 months--but it was from working hours and hours using CADD not from gaming. Sure enough--within 3 or 4 uses, my forearm pain was pretty much gone. Since then, I've been using it just to maintain that pain-free forearm and also have expanded to using it on my back and shoulders here and there. Great, quality product.

- J Mitchell
(Akron, OH)

Here's a testimonial from Dale, trainer and gym owner from Costa Mesa, California.

Here is a 1-minute video explaining the features of the Medik massage gun.

Go ahead and grab a Medik for yourself or a loved one. You're going to love it :)