Today’s “Buzziest,” Most In-Demand Muscle Recovery Tool
Just Took a Giant Leap Forward…

Discover the Breakthrough Massage Gun That is Allowing Men & Women Everywhere to Get Healing “Percussive Therapy” in the Comfort of Their Homes & Without Paying for Expensive Massages!

While many massage guns may look like power drills (and some of them are just as loud as power drills as well) one thing is certain…

They are quickly changing both rehabilitation and sports/workout performance.

Massage guns are surging in popularity among athletes as well as “weekend warriors,” those who workout and those who suffer from frequent sore muscles.

But as their popularity and use has soared so have the complaints of users… they are too loud… they are awkward to use by yourself… they make it difficult to reach problem areas on the back.

One company listened closely to what massage gun users were saying and then did something about it …

Developing a new feature-rich model that addresses all the most common complaints about massage guns and enables users to get the relief they crave without struggling to reach a problem area or enduring loud, headache inducing noise, among other things.

We’ll tell you more about this unique massage gun in just a minute, but first let’s take a closer look at why massage guns have become so popular so fast.

An At-Home, Do-It-Yourself Pain Relief Treatment
That is as Good as or Even Better Than A Massage!

If you workout frequently, play sports, or work a job that requires repetitive movements, you probably experience muscle soreness and knots.

Maybe you tried to massage the area yourself … or maybe you tried to get your spouse or partner to do it for you? Most likely these approaches yielded less than desirable results.

Then your pain kept getting worse until you had to go to a massage therapist to get relief. Unfortunately, massage therapy typically costs $50 to $90 or more an hour. Those fees make regularly receiving massage therapy prohibitive for most people.

So now you end up spending a lot of your time in pain. Then it carries over to your workouts, ability to do your job, and quality of life are all negatively affected.

That’s why massage guns have exploded in popularity – they offer an alternative to expensive massage fees.

Now You Can Get Percussive Therapy at Home!

If you have had massage therapy in the past for a sore muscle group, what did the masseuse do during your session?

Chances are at some point he or she used a series of percussive strikes with their hands to the sore area – this is called percussive therapy and it is one of the leading ways to relieve soreness and circulate blood at target areas so that inflammation and tension are reduced.

But the effectiveness of this technique can depend a lot on the skill and strength of the masseuse. If they don’t use the right force or strike the area a sufficient number of times, you might not receive maximum benefits from the treatment.

Massage guns allow you to receive percussive therapy at home by yourself. Plus, massage guns don’t get tired and they use a steady amount of force. Thus, they can deliver results that are as good or even better than more expensive in-person massages.

Percussion Massage Gun by ARRISTE

Designed and Developed to Address Common Massage Gun Complaints and Shortfalls.

As we mentioned earlier, massage guns have not been without their complaints. They can be loud and difficult to use … but now that has all changed thanks to the Medik from Arriste.

Introducing the Next Generation Massage Gun That Makes It Easier Than Ever Before to Get Muscle Pain Relief at Home! Check out the features of the Medik below

This lightweight massage gun is custom designed – you won’t find another like it! Plus, it comes in two striking colors – Alpine White and Space Black.

What People Are Saying About Medik:

Relieved My Tension Headaches (':

I only started working out 2-3 years ago but my body has been extremely tight for years of sitting at a desk and crouching over study materials for school. I also suffer from periodic tension headaches… and after I used this gun, I stopped having to take Excedrin headache medication to relieve the pain! Now I use the gun for aching shoulders, back muscles, glute muscles, and of course, my neck muscles whenever my headaches come back. It's been such a lifesaver.

- Caitlyn N. (Lake Forest, CA)


My Medik has become my new best friend! I am 45 and knots and muscle soreness has been a constant battle. I am able to massage and work them out and I am much more comfortable when relaxing and after workouts. I love that it is adjustable to reach everywhere and comes with different tips to work areas differently. I highly recommend getting one!"

- Daniel M.

Pain was pretty much gone

“Bought it when I saw YouTuber Michelle Khare using it to relieve her sore forearm from training to be a professional gamer. What she described was happening in her forearm sounded exactly like what I was going through for about 2 months – but it was from working hours and hours using CADD not from gaming. Sure enough – within 3 or 4 uses, my forearm pain was pretty much gone. Since then, I've been using it just to maintain that pain-free forearm and also have expanded to using it on my back and shoulders here and there. Great, quality product.”

– J Mitchell (Akron, OH)


I did a lot of research on these products and finally came across Medik Vibration Therapy Gun! Phenomenal customer service and follow up! Handwritten thank you card from the owner! Wow! Now the gun itself is a well thought out amazing machine! Gets anywhere you need it and gets the soreness right out! I’m so stoked on this product! Best bang for your buck. It outdoes the rest of the competition and best of all… as bonus, it comes with the nicest case you have ever seen!”

- Kirsten D. (Driggs, ID)

Amazing Product!

My good friend Marvin told me about this new product and I thought little of it. Once he tried the Medik on me, it instantly changed my opinion on the Medik and I knew that this was the real deal. I instantly bought it for my parents who have been using it everyday ever since for the past 6 months. Really high quality, lasts a long time, and really good for a soothing massage/getting rid of knots in your body. Highly recommend!

- Joseph C.
(Irvine, CA)

Essential to your life!!!

No matter what it is that you do...your body is going to need proper tools to help you recover from either a long day at work or from an intense workout at a gym. (Or anything physical) The Medik Massager is a must have in your tool box! You definitely won’t regret it! I haven’t danced in a few years due to aches and pains in my knees and back. This Medik literally got me up and dancing after a half hour session!

- Ivan N.
(Sacramento, CA)

How the Medik Works

The device’s oscillating head delivers rapid strikes of pressure into your sore muscle tissue – increasing bloodflow to the area and breaking up pesky knots.

Unlike a masseuse, this device never gets tired or has a bad day or uses uneven pressure. You get maximum healing benefits EVERY TIME!

Plus, the Medik allows you to laser target a specific area in comparison to a foam roller that massages a much broader area less effectively.

You can use Medik to:

  • Ease soreness and improve flexibility and movement
  • Prevent injury from exercise and other physical activity
  • Recover faster after a hard workout or physical work task
  • Relax and relieve tension and stress from your body

Who Can Use This Device?

Medik can be used by just about anyone, including younger adults as well as middle-aged and older adults. Both men and women benefit similarly from its use. The device is also a favorite of those with an active lifestyle like athletes as well as those who suffer from stiff muscles and pain from working in the office or manual labor.

One of the great things about this device is that it can also be used on numerous areas of the body. For example, Medik is great for the relief of all of the following:

  • Neck pain, including a stiff neck
  • Tension in the shoulders and upper back 
  • Sore muscles and body aches, including after a workout
  • Headaches due to neck and shoulder tension
  • Muscle fatigue
  • And more!

The Bottom Line on the Medik…

This device takes the complaints users have about other massage guns and uses innovative design and forward, out-of-the-box thinking to ensure those areas are among its many strengths.

This device is easy to use and highly effective. It quickly relieves sore muscles and helps get rid of tension headaches and muscle knots. If you are interested in relieving muscle pain without having to travel to a spa to get an expensive massage, this is the device for you!

Simply click the order button on this page to get Medik for just $249 – that’s a savings of $100 off the regular price of $349.

Plus, if you act now, you can get Medik for a special limited time reduced price AND an extra 15% off using code "GIFT"! But you must hurry, this amazing deal won’t last long.

Use the Medik instead of paying for a $90 massage and it will pay for itself in just three uses!

This is a great way to save money while ensuring you have access to muscle pain relief when you need it.You won’t have to worry about scheduling a massage appointment or battling the traffic or the weather to get to a spa.

You’ll have immediate relief right in your home!

We at Arriste, developers of the Medik, also offer a unique payment plan through Klarna! You can break this purchase into four bi-weekly installments with ZERO interest.

Buy Now and with the Medik you'll receive:

  • Fast Relief from a Portable Device – you can use it at home or at the gym or anywhere else to relieve muscle soreness. Its quiet operation means you won’t bother others. pain.
  • Healing Percussive Therapy Anytime, Anywhere – This lightweight massager uses percussive therapy to create a “ripple effect” that eases inflammation and tension while drawing blood to the area.

To use the Medik you simply:

  • Place the massage head against your sore muscles
  • Choose the intensity of the massage (3 settings)
  • Turn the device on
  • Hold it in place – this is easy to do thanks to the long handle
  • Relax as the tension and soreness are removed from your muscles

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does Medik weigh?
This is a lightweight device that only weighs 2.5 pounds.

Q: How long can I use Medik?
The length of a Medik massage session is up to you. You can just use the device for a few minutes or you can use it for a full 30-minute massage.

Q: Do I need to be a massage expert to use this device?
Absolutely not. This device is incredibly easy to use – just place the head against the area of your body that is sore and turn it on to feel its amazing relaxing effects. To use Medik you also don’t need to be a technology expert. Operating it only requires you to push a button.

Few Things Are More Relaxing Than Getting a
Massage from Medik!

What can you expect from Medik?

  • Soothing Comfort– The device’s strong percussive action allows you to get a deep, thorough massage no matter where you are and even if other so-called massage devices haven’t worked for you in the past.
  • Easily Travels With You– This compact, convenient device can be taken anywhere. It comes with a convenient carrying case so that you can have it with you whenever you need it. Have a stiff neck at work? No problem, just pull out Medik and soothe those sore muscles!
  • Eases Tension & Stress– No matter how bad your muscles hurt, you can get soothing relief with Medik. Just push a button to change intensity levels. Nothing could be easier. This device comes with long lasting battery life. It’s so easy to use and so effective; you are going to wonder how you ever got alongt without it.

Get Rid of Bothersome Muscle Soreness Anytime, Anywhere, 24/7 With Medik!

Start your vibration therapy now and see incredible results that are proven and recognized by people around the world.


Medik Percussive Massager - Arriste
Medik Percussive Massager - Arriste
Medik Percussive Massager - Arriste
Medik Percussive Massager - Arriste
Medik Percussive Massager - Arriste
Medik Percussive Massager - Arriste
Medik Percussive Massager - Arriste
Medik Percussive Massager - Arriste