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Do you feel stiff or tight all over, have muscle knots, or are you sore for too long after workouts?

Stop Living with your Muscle pain and Soreness

We designed and developed the Medik Percussion Massage Device to treat muscle pain, soreness, knots, tightness, etc.  Scroll down and learn more about the Medik and how it can help you today. 


Are you suffering from...

  • Back or neck  stiffness, tension headaches, or tight shoulders
  • Muscle knots that seem to never go away or always come back
  • Sore or tight muscles from workouts, long days at work, or sports
  • Built up tension and stress in your body

Well you're not alone, we've felt and suffered from the same things and wanted to create something that could help people like us. We've tested and tried a lot of different massage pillows, handheld massagers, heat pads, etc. and nothing really seemed to do the job. So we developed the Medik to solve this problem.

Get back to feeling GOOD again

The Medik helps you FEEL HOW YOU SHOULD by using percussion massage technology to...

  • relieve muscle pain, tension, and stress 
  • break down stubborn muscle knots
  • speed up recovery and reduce muscle soreness
  • increase blood flow to target areas and increase mobility

How it works

  • The Medik uses percussion therapy or simply rapid strokes of pressure to target areas similar to a massage in order to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and muscle tension in target areas
  • Percussion therapy is used by many professionals like personal trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors, and professional athletes to maximize their performance and recovery.
  • The Medik has helped tons of people reduce muscle soreness by promoting blood flow to speed up recovery and relieve and loosen muscle tension and knots caused by injuries, poor posture, or physical activity. 

Click Below to watch the Medik Intro Video

Medik Percussive Massager - Arriste
Medik Percussive Massager - Arriste
Medik Percussive Massager - Arriste
Medik Percussive Massager - Arriste
Medik Percussive Massager - Arriste
Medik Percussive Massager - Arriste
Medik Percussive Massager - Arriste
Medik Percussive Massager - Arriste

Medik Percussive Massager


   Save $100!

Whether you’re playing a sport, working hard at the office, or giving it your all in the gym, sooner or later your body will start to feel the strain. You’ll find yourself with aching muscles and a limited range of motion - unable to perform at your best.

The Arriste Medik is a percussive massager and tool for self-massage, designed to allow you to massage 100% of your body without assistance. Use it on sore hamstrings, stiff necks, tight shoulders - anywhere you are feeling knotted up, relieving tension and built up stress.

The Medik's longer handle and swiveling head make it easy to reach across your back or target a knot in your glutes. It's more effective for relieving knots than low-powered superficial vibrations from cheaper massagers, yet whisper quiet so that you can use it without disturbing people around you.

Customer Testimonials

Relieved My Tension Headaches (':

I only started working out 2-3 years ago but my body has been extremely tight for years of sitting at a desk and crouching over study materials for school. I also suffer from periodic tension headaches… and after I used this gun, I stopped having to take Excedrin headache medication to relieve the pain! Now I use the gun for aching shoulders, back muscles, glute muscles, and of course, my neck muscles whenever my headaches come back. It's been such a lifesaver.

- Caitlyn N. (Lake Forest, CA)


My Medik has become my new best friend! I am 45 and knots and muscle soreness has been a constant battle. I am able to massage and work them out and I am much more comfortable when relaxing and after workouts. I love that it is adjustable to reach everywhere and comes with different tips to work areas differently. I highly recommend getting one!"

- Daniel M.

Pain was pretty much gone

“Bought it when I saw YouTuber Michelle Khare using it to relieve her sore forearm from training to be a professional gamer. What she described was happening in her forearm sounded exactly like what I was going through for about 2 months – but it was from working hours and hours using CADD not from gaming. Sure enough – within 3 or 4 uses, my forearm pain was pretty much gone. Since then, I've been using it just to maintain that pain-free forearm and also have expanded to using it on my back and shoulders here and there. Great, quality product.”

– J Mitchell (Akron, OH)


I did a lot of research on these products and finally came across Medik Vibration Therapy Gun! Phenomenal customer service and follow up! Handwritten thank you card from the owner! Wow! Now the gun itself is a well thought out amazing machine! Gets anywhere you need it and gets the soreness right out! I’m so stoked on this product! Best bang for your buck. It outdoes the rest of the competition and best of all… as bonus, it comes with the nicest case you have ever seen!”

- Kirsten D. (Driggs, ID)

Amazing Product!

My good friend Marvin told me about this new product and I thought little of it. Once he tried the Medik on me, it instantly changed my opinion on the Medik and I knew that this was the real deal. I instantly bought it for my parents who have been using it everyday ever since for the past 6 months. Really high quality, lasts a long time, and really good for a soothing massage/getting rid of knots in your body. Highly recommend!

- Joseph C.
(Irvine, CA)

Essential to your life!!!

No matter what it is that you do...your body is going to need proper tools to help you recover from either a long day at work or from an intense workout at a gym. (Or anything physical) The Medik Massager is a must have in your tool box! You definitely won’t regret it! I haven’t danced in a few years due to aches and pains in my knees and back. This Medik literally got me up and dancing after a half hour session!

- Ivan N.
(Sacramento, CA)

This massager helped get rid of all these pains, and it even helps my flexibility

Since I started exclusively working from home from the start of the pandemic, I have been away from my standing desk in the office. I started feeling a lot of pain in my back, neck, and right leg. Well, this massager helped get rid of all these pains, and it even helps my flexibility (I dance ballet, so it's perfect)! The instructional videos are informative, too, and help you learn which heads to use where! I would recommend this product to anyone with pain, looking for improvement to their flexibility, and for athletes!

- Gabriella


Our Story and How the Medik was Born

Written by: Travis Nguyen, Co-Founder and CEO

Due to years of heavy weight training and playing sports, I suffered from all sorts of muscle imbalances and debilitating pain on a daily basis.

I tried deep tissue massage and myofascial release (foam rolling and trigger point therapy), and they helped, but I knew there had to be a more convenient and less painful alternative. Plus, the visit costs to the clinic kept adding up.

My search for relief brought me to percussion therapy. I was immediately amazed at its benefits. I could relieve tension and restore mobility quickly and effectively, whenever and wherever. And the cost of the product was about the same as just 4 sessions seeing a professional. I knew it would pay for itself in the long run — it was a no brainer for me.

I looked at what was on the market at the time, and the entrepreneurial spirit in me took off. I knew I could create something better than what was out there.

I teamed up with my childhood friend Steven Lam and, after nearly 2 years of development, we perfected the Medik Percussive Massager and brought Arriste to life in December of 2019. It was met with widespread enthusiasm and we sold out our first shipment in just 3 months. Its success was thanks to its innovative swivel head and longer handle, which allowed the user to massage their entire body without assistance from anyone else.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic that immediately followed our launch, effectively putting an end to the entire fitness industry for close to a year, we persevered. Arriste became known for QUALITY, INNOVATION, and above all, CARING for our customers.

We carried this momentum with us and expanded into the fitness apparel and accessories market, where our products continue to impress and outperform alternatives.

Our journey is far from over — in fact, we’re just beginning. We can’t wait for you to see the amazing and innovative products we make for you in the coming years. Thank you for joining us and being a part of our story. YOU ARE OUR WHY.

Let’s get to work. #RisetoExcellence