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Meet the Founders


"To help people in the endless pursuit of
excellence in fitness, health, and life."

About Us

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“ARRISTE” is derived from the Greek phrase “Aien Aristeuein,” which translates to “Ever to Excel.”

Our mission is "To help people in the endless pursuit of excellence in fitness, health, and life." We believe the pursuit is infinite because growth is essential for excellence, and the potential for growth in life is infinite.

Our slogan: “Rise to excellence” reminds ourselves and our community that as we constantly strive for excellence, we will rise and achieve more and more excellence in everything we do.

Whether you're a Triathlete, Crossfitter, Lawyer, Entrepreneur, or Stay-at-Home Mom, our mission remains the same: We want to help you perform at and feel your very best. Although our premium products are designed for elite athletes who demand nothing but the absolute best from themselves and their equipment, we aim to bring the same tools and technology into every household.

Our Story

Written by: Travis Nguyen, CEO

Our story begins in 2018. As a fitness enthusiast, I was pushing myself in the gym day in and day out, only to find that in training my body to lift heavier weights, I was getting stiffer and less mobile. I began doing basic stretches to alleviate the tightness, but it still got to the point that I embarrassingly wasn’t even able to bend at the hips 90 degrees without also bending my knees.

Proper recovery and mobility had never really crossed my mind before, so I started with the basics – deep tissue massage and self myofascial release (foam rolling and lacrosse ball). They helped, only, I couldn’t afford regular professional deep tissue massages, and foam rolling didn’t help much for difficult areas like the traps and chest.

At this time, “massage guns” began trending, and I was in the market for one myself. But when I looked at what was out there, I found that they were too expensive, too noisy, or compromised on the features I wanted. I felt that I could make one better. So, later that year, I teamed up with a couple friends to start Arriste, a premium fitness product brand centered around quality and efficacy.

Our commitment to creating the highest quality product we could caused us a lot of headaches and led to a development time of over 1.5 years. After countless ups and downs, revisions, and troubleshooting, we officially launched Medik in December of 2019 – a percussion massage device without compromise. It combined the best features of what existed on the market, mitigated any shortcomings, and offered more value than any other competitor. We set out to create a tool for elite athletes - but we ended up with a device that could benefit everyone.

Along the way, we identified additional opportunities to improve on other products, and expanded our product offerings to include premium weightlifting accessories and apparel.

Thank you for joining us along our journey. Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. We put a lot of care into designing our products, and we can’t wait to share them with you.


Do the right thing.

We do the right thing even when it’s difficult or inconvenient. We believe that success in life is determined, in large part, by the choices we make when no one is watching.

Overpromise & Overdeliver.

We don’t believe in tempering expectations so that we can exceed these lowered standards. We intentionally set the bar high, and then follow up by delivering above and beyond that.

Take ownership.

We do not sit and wait for someone to tell us the next step. We see something that needs to be done, and we do it. We don’t pass things off as somebody else’s problem. We accept full responsibility for our actions and our performance (or lack thereof). We don’t blame others or make excuses. We take it upon ourselves to make it right.

Improve constantly.

We are humble and remember that we’re never as good as we think we are. We understand that there is always more for us to learn, and take it upon ourselves to increase our knowledge and skills daily. We know that personal growth has a direct impact on the company’s growth, and that it falls on us to not let our teammates down as the weakest link in the chain.

Be selfless

We make decisions based on what is best for the company, our mission, and our customers, not our personal interests. We drop our ego and remember that we’re all ultimately on the same team, and when the team wins, we win. We believe that we have a moral obligation to help others less fortunate than ourselves, and we do so without expectation of return.

Have fun.

We believe that our work must be fun, challenging, and rewarding. Our work makes up a majority of our time awake, so we know that it’s important we enjoy what we do and the people we do it with. We approach things in a positive and optimistic way, and participate in activities that uplift and help us grow. We avoid bringing toxic energy to the workplace.