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Medik Percussive Massager

Whether you’re playing a sport, working hard at the office, or giving it your all in the gym, sooner or later your body will start to feel the strain. You’ll find yourself with aching muscles and limited range of motion - unable to perform at your highest level.

The Arriste Medik is a percussive massager and tool for self-massage, designed to allow you to massage 100% of your body without assistance. Use it on sore hamstrings, stiff necks, tight shoulders - anywhere you are feeling knotted up.

The Medik's longer handle and swiveling head make it easy to reach across your back or target a knot in your glutes. It's more effective for relieving knots than low-powered superficial vibrations from cheaper massagers, yet whisper quiet so that you can use it without disturbing people around you.


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Space Black
Alpine White

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Erick C Chan

Fantastic and versatile design. Would recommend

Edgar Montes

Great so far. Much more power than other machines. Love it.

Joshua Eunice

Works better than I thought it would! Highly recommend!

Upon Delivery

I like the little stuff in life, good coffee, a firm handshake...I was recommended this product by a volleyball team Ramblers with the NVA. I am not an athlete, but knew one of the guys and went to “play” with his Medik...I can say there is in NO WAY this is a toy! I was immediately hooked and knew I would get one...but it is the little things.

As far as the product? I own several massage tools (full disclosure: mainly for my wife because I am lazy and hate giving massages). I, to a considerable level,do not buy cheap and approximate value to cost. For me this was an easy purchase because I was able to test the product and it far exceeded anything I had for a FOCUSED deep massage. This is easily the first product I bought for “my wife”...there is no way I could see anyone disappointed with the power and feel of the Medik.

The little things: I was already sold on the product, however what I had not expected was when my shipment was received I had a hand written letter by Steven Law thanking me for the purchase. I know it doesn’t make the product better, but it certainly makes me want to support a product that is backed by someone who appreciates my hard earned money.

I can definitively say that this is our, mine and my wife’s, go to massager for targeting specific areas that need attention. I would like to thank Vinny from Rambler also to recommending this product to me and, not sure if you will read this, but Steven Law for taking the time to write a simple “thank you” letter.

I will leave it with this: From the package it was delivered in to the quality of the product is simply top tier. I would implore anyone looking for a pin-point massager that goes DEEEEEEEP into the muscle to consider the Medik and also support a company who really seems to care about the consumer!! This is NOT an Amazon purchase!! This is a company who truly goes above and beyond.

Charles Taylor
Enjoy it work great

I like the product, has good power and does hit all the massage levels of my soreness.

Lauren P.
This review is LONG overdue!

Been using the Medik for over a year now and it is an absolute ESSENTIAL for me! I train hard 4x/week powerlifting and my hammies and glutes are always so tight. I’m the type of person that just likes to get in the gym, smash my workout and skip recovery but now I’m prioritizing recovery just as much. It’s so good that I got it in both white and black ! :)