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What are the Benefits of Percussive Therapy?

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While a massage has long been known to provide therapeutic benefits (who doesn’t love a nice visit to the spa?), it’s also no secret that regular massage sessions or professional visits can add up to a costly bill rather quickly.

With the recent rise of percussive therapy devices, or massage guns, we are now able to receive similar benefits to professional massages whenever and wherever we want, but for a fraction of the cost. We won’t go so far as to claim that a massage gun can completely replace your massage therapist or PT - we think that regular professional treatment is important and highly beneficial - but this device can certainly prolong the effects of the treatment between sessions, and also serves as a great pre and post workout tool. Having the ability to get a massage before AND after a workout is a luxury that only few could afford before now.

"But these devices aren’t reserved just for the bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts."

The same percussive therapy benefits we’ll be outlining below can also help treat common issues that we all experience each day while sitting at our desks, in our cars, or doing manually intensive labor around the house or yard. So really, these massage guns, such as the Arriste Medik, are great for everyone.

So, now that we’ve got all that out of the way, what exactly does percussive therapy do to your body? Today, we’ll be sharing 5 quick points that highlight the benefits of percussive therapy.

The 5 Top Benefits of Percussive Therapy

1. Help sore muscles heal faster
2. Alleviates pain from tense muscles
3. Restore flexibility and range of motion
4. Aids in recovery after an injury or surgery
5. Primes the body for exercise

1. Help sore muscles heal faster. Percussive therapy works by using rapid, targeted pulses that penetrate deep into the muscle and increase blood flow and circulation. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients throughout your body, and because blood flow is increased, your body has the tools it needs to start the muscle repair process.

It also leads to improved drainage of the lymphatic system, which allows the body to rid itself of toxins and waste. Combine the two, and you have a recipe for reduced muscle soreness (formally called “delayed onset muscle soreness” or DOMS) and a speedier recovery.

If you’ve ever used a foam roller and felt the benefits of foam rolling, imagine that power in the palm of your hand to target any area you’d like without awkward positioning or laying on the floor.

2. Alleviates pain from tense muscles. The tension in rigid muscles, also known as muscle knots, is a common cause of aches and pains in your body. When it gets really bad, this tension is what makes it difficult to perform normal tasks such as turning your head or bending over. Contrary to popular belief, these are NOT just ailments of getting older. These are the results of built up tension over time that haven’t been addressed.

Our bodies move by contracting our muscles. If a muscle on one side of your body is stuck in a contracted state, your body has to fight itself to overcome the stuck muscle, leading to pain, tightness, and of course, limited mobility. Thus, it’s critically important to regularly massage tight muscles, which allows them to relax.

A massage gun like the Medik can supplement and enhance a proper stretching routine.

3. Restores flexibility and range of motion. As we exercise or go about our normal day-to-day, our muscles are in a constant state of tension. If not regularly released, this tension can build up and lead to stiffness in the joints and muscles. The result is a reduced range of motion, such as no longer being able to bend down and touch your toes, or being unable to pull your shoulders back. Oftentimes, the reduction in flexibility will be so gradual that you won’t even notice it until it gets painful or too bad to ignore.

Through applying percussion therapy from your massage gun, your muscles can relax and lengthen, which helps restore your normal range of motion. Combine this with a proper stretching routine, and you can bulletproof your body for years to come. Improved flexibility and range of motion go hand in hand with improved posture, balance, increased strength, and reduction in the risk of injury.

4. Aids in recovery after an injury or surgery. Muscles adhesions and scar tissue can develop as a result of injury or surgery. They cause the surrounding soft tissue to stick together, which prevents the tissue from moving independently. This limits your movement and is quite painful. This is why people who have recently undergone surgery or been injured often complain of stiffness in the affected area. Percussion therapy helps break down adhesions and scar tissue, as well as increases blood flow to the area, which, as we know, provides the body the resources it needs to recover more effectively.

5. Primes the body for exercise. Stiff and achy muscles during a workout are a surefire way to get injured. Contrary to popular belief, warming up a muscle is not so much about temperature (though that does help), as it is about ensuring proper blood flow and ease of movement through a specific range of motion (usually exercise specific). As we know from the above points, a massage device is great for increasing blood flow and restoring flexibility, which make it a great tool to have on hand before your workout.

When you combine the percussive therapy with a proper dynamic stretching routine (one that takes you through similar movements as your actual workout), you will speed up and enhance the warm up process to ensure peak performance.

Medik's longer handle makes it easy to treat your entire body without the help of another person.

Now you know the top 5 benefits of percussive therapy and its effects on your body. Like we said at the beginning of this post, a massage device is not meant to completely replace proper stretching, warm up, or professional care, but it is a useful and highly effective tool to have in your toolbox to supplement and enhance your routine. When you average out the cost over time compared to professional treatment, the high upfront cost of a massage gun becomes insignificant in relation to the benefits received in exchange.

If you’d like to learn more about our Medik percussive massager or want to buy one for yourself or a loved one, click here to go directly to the product page, where we break down the features and benefits of the device.